Anne Pissaridou  (Chair)

I have been a member of the Labour Party for most of my adult life. I passionately believe in a united Labour movement ready to tackle harsh, unfair and backwards-looking Tory policies and in particular to fight against the continuted focus on austerity which is ineffective economically and profoundly damaging to the vulnerable members of our society. Together we must resolutely challenge rising discrimination and inequality and together we must protect the NHS from privatisation. I have always supported our democratically elected leader and am proud to support Jeremy Corbyn.

I served on the Executive Committee of H&P CLP as secretary, and then on the exec of BHDLP. I was encouraged by two local members to put myself forward as a local authority candidate for the election in 2011. With a great team and a clear strategy, I won the seat, unseating a Tory against the odds.

I was involved in the creation of the Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party and served on the Executive Committee on two occasions. In July 2016, I was elected, by an overwhelming majority, as Vice Chair Campaigns of the City Party. I am Portslade branch secretary having served on the exec in various roles for over 10 years

I have chaired various committees, in my working life (civil service), union rep and local Councillor.