The Fight Continues! Update on Campaign Plans and Upcoming Events in Hove & Portslade

First of all, a warm welcome to all our new local members  – there are more than 300 of you! – who have joined Hove & Portslade CLP since the election was called in April.

Upcoming events

There are two important events coming up before the end of the month. This coming Saturday, on June 24, all self-identifying women of Hove & Portslade CLP are warmly welcome to our first Women’s Forum.  The meeting is from 10am to 12pm and will take place at Bhasvic school – 205 Dyke Rd, Hove BN3 6EG (in classroom 6).  There is lift access and the lift code is 1436.  The room is on the lower ground floor (math corridor) and access is easiest from the lower car park.

Next Thursday, June 29, there will be an All Members’ Meeting at Bhasvic from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. One of the items on the agenda is to decide which candidates, if any, we nominate for the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) and the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). Please note that only GC delegates are able to vote in these elections.

If you’re attending the Women’s Forum and/or the AMM and require child care on site, please let our CLP Women’s Officer Danielle know: For the Women’s Forum, please send requests by 5pm on  June 22, and for the AMM by 5pm on June 27, and we will do our best to find suitable and qualified child care.

Campaign plans

The general election showed what the Labour Party’s members and supporters can achieve when we all unite in a common goal: creating a better, fairer society. Here in Hove & Portslade more than 650 volunteers were involved in getting the vote out on polling day. A dedicated campaign and a powerful manifesto produced a remarkable achievement, with Peter Kyle’s majority increasing from 1,250 to 18,755.

Theresa May called an election to increase her majority, instead she was left with a hung parliament resulting in a weak minority government to be propped up by the DUP. Both the Tories and the mainstream media underestimated Labour’s dedicated grassroots movement. They underestimated you. And they underestimated the British public. They failed to see that people would connect with a message of hope, solidarity, compassion, and unity.

Labour did not win the election, but all across the country our positive campaign won over the hearts and minds of ordinary people. People who have had enough of austerity, of obscene inequality, enough of the greed of the wealthiest in our society. People connected with our manifesto and our message on the doorstep, and they connected with Jeremy Corbyn’s honesty and compassion, with his willingness to listen to people across the country, to hear their concerns and take those concerns seriously.

It’s crucial that we keep the momentum of the election campaign going. The turning point in the campaign came with our election manifesto, which set out Labour’s vision for a radically different Britain, a country where everyone can live a dignified life and no one is left behind.

The manifesto resonated with voters across the country, including here in Brighton and Hove, where we now have two Labour MPs who both beat the Tories with impressive majorities. Labour’s incredible turnaround in the polls and our 30 seat increase in the election was the result of tireless campaigning from both the leadership and the grassroots movement on the most progressive policy platform this country has seen since the end of the Second Word War.

But the election result was also thanks to all the people who decided to cast their vote for a party that promises to build a better Britain for all – every person who made the choice to vote Labor for the many, not the few, not least all the young people who came out to vote for the first time.

The message from the voters is that people want things to change. We must continue the conversations we started on the doorstep two months ago, continue to engage in dialogue with voters, both nationally and locally. And we must ensure that our new members feel welcome and encouraged to participate in branch events and local campaigns.

There will be lots of exciting campaigning events happening in Hove & Portslade in the coming months, including regular street stalls on the weekends. Our branches will be key to successful campaigning and we are planning a branch forum with chairs and secretaries to talk about next steps and ensure that they are involved in planning. The next big event is a national campaign day on Saturday July 1 – more details to follow soon!

The election might be over, but the fight to change the country for the better has only just started. Theresa May’s minority government is weak and the Tory party is in disarray. Another election looks likely in months rather than years. We have already showed what we can achieve when we unite in solidarity behind a positive message of hope. And now the fight for a truly progressive Labour government continues. Will you join us?




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