Hove and Portslade Labour Exec in Solidarity with Diane Abbott

Statement from Hove and Portslade Labour CLP Executive Committee regarding the sexist and racist treatment of Diane Abbott.

This election has been short, but fiercely fought, and Diane’s hard work and dedication to the Labour campaign has been invaluable.

We would also like to take this opportunity to condemn the sexist and racist treatment Diane has faced during this campaign, from multiple media and political sources. Political positions aside, sexism and racism, in any form, is completely inexcusable.

A recent analysis of the most viral right-wing news stories during the election, has shown that 10% of them have been attacks on Diane. Theresa May and Amber Rudd both named checked Diane in recent debates and news stories of her mistakes in recalling figures have been disproportionate in comparison to white, male leading figures in the Conservative Party who have done the same. We accept that Diane has made mistakes, but the abuse and vilification Diane has been subjected to indicates a more sinister underlying cause for the intense focus she has received.

Diane is a strong, black, democratic socialist woman and as such, we feel that she has been targeted by certain media outlets, and by the Conservative Party, in what can only be described as dog-whistle racism and dog-whistle sexism.
We are saddened to hear that Diane is seriously unwell.

We were also saddened to see that the discrimination and abuse she has faced came to a head yesterday, with the publication of a cartoon in the George Osbourne edited Evening Standard which insinuated that she was lying about being seriously ill. We would hope to see an apology issued over this cartoon and for an and to the insinuations about her health.

We stand with you Diane and wish you a swift recovery.

In solidarity,

Danielle Spencer, ​​Women’s Officer​​​

Anne Pissaridou, Chair

James Ellis, Secretary

Kate Knight, Membership Officer

Carolyne McKinley, Campaigns Officer

Becky Massey, Treasurer

Asa Jansson, Anne Mitchell, Daniel Harris

Hove and Portslade CLP​​ Executive Committee

Brighton & Hove BAME Labour Forum.



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