Maternity Discrimination – Take our Survey

by Danielle Spencer, Women’s Officer, Hove & Portslade Labour Party

Click here to take the Hove and Portslade Labour Maternity Discrimination Survey

We are facing a crisis in maternity discrimination in the UK:
– Levels of maternity discrimination under this government are higher now than 10 years ago.
– According to the government’s own data, every year up to 54,000 women are forced out of their job through maternity discrimination.
– Since the Tories introduced employment tribunal fees, it now costs women up to £1,200 to bring forward a claim of maternity discrimination to tribunal
– Three quarters of mothers say they have had a negative or discriminatory experience during pregnancy, maternity leave and/or returning to work after having a baby
– Over half of mothers granted flexible working encountered negative consequences from their boss
– Under Theresa May’s government we have record insecure employment with fewer safeguards for mothers – with a 20% increase in zero hour contracts over the last year
– Cuts to in-work support will mean some working mums are £2,600 a year worse off. From April, child tax credits will be cut for over two children.

Labour has a proud history of defending maternity and paternity rights. Labour will fight maternity discrimination by:
– Scrapping employment tribunal fees that prevent women from challenging unfair employers
– Banning exploitative zero hour contracts that so often deny women their rights at work
– Introduce a real living wage, rising to £10 an hour by 2020
– Promoting affordable, universal childcare
– Defending our NHS from Tory cuts and chaos, ensuring that all mothers have the care and support they need
– We’ll reverse cuts to Universal Credit that could see working mums worse off by thousands of pounds a year.

We have put together this survey to help inform our work on these issues in Hove.

Click here to take the Maternity Discrimination Survey


Click here to read the excellent UNISON Pregnancy Guide and make sure you join your appropriate trade union


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