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I have been a member of the Labour Party for most of my adult life. I passionately believe in a united Labour movement ready to tackle harsh, unfair and backwards-looking Tory policies and in particular to fight against the continuted focus on austerity which is ineffective economically and profoundly damaging to the vulnerable members of our society. Together we must resolutely challenge rising discrimination and inequality and together we must protect the NHS from privatisation. I have always supported our democratically elected leader and am proud to support Jeremy Corbyn.


Anne Pissaridou  (Chair)

I joined the Labour Party a few days after the general election in 2015. As a socialist and trade unionist, I was keen to help Labour recover from that bitter defeat, and found my first opportunity working on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign later that summer. Since then I have supported the election campaigns of Labour candidates in Brighton, Crawley and Hastings.

If I am elected as Secretary of Hove and Portslade CLP, I want to reach out to our enlarged membership, to utilize their untapped talent to build a strong, vibrant, welcoming and effective unit ready to campaign in our communities. (more…)

James Ellis (Secretary)